Building Homes for Severe Weather Conditions

All one has to do is turn on the television to see that many countries are being affected by severe weather conditions. It’s a scary thought, but weather analysts predict more intense weather systems in the near future. Government officials have released several bulletins advising people on the proper procedures during various types of disasters.

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Nevertheless, the burden, as it were, is also placed on real estate professionals. Now, more than ever, is there a need to build better-constructed homes – those that can withstand strong weather conditions.

It must be noted that there is no construction plan that can make a home or a building completely weather-proof. Construction foremen are practical enough to admit that Mother Nature holds a far more powerful source of energy than human capacity. Still, there are several new technologies that provide an interesting solution to this growing problem.

Architecture and innovation play a major role. Design experts have seen that certain slopes or shapes are better-equipped to handle certain weather conditions. A recent study found that learning from our ancestors is actually an ideal way to look for designs.

For example, a team of scientists had designed a hardy all-weather-enduring tent to be used in the harsher desert climates. The tent functioned well in the lab tests and the developers were ecstatic by the results. However, when they tested the prototype, they found the concept of a tent insufficient. Their prototype kept on flying off or being ungrounded. Eventually they took to using the tents used by the Native Americans. Despite it seeming “unsophisticated” in terms of design, it worked. Designers learned from their mistakes and incorporated these in their new designs.

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This has led to several new promising designs, which are still being tested. Experts believe that each state or country would have to develop their own designs, since each area experiences unique weather systems.

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