Hiking for physical and mental health

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Whether on an adventurous trail up to a mountain ridge or a short track along the river, hiking is a stunning way to experience the wonders of the natural world.

But beyond the sheer beauty of nature, science and hikers agree that the activity provides a multitude of health benefits, both for the body and mind. For motivation, here are various reasons you should hike:

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It’s a powerful cardio workout: Hiking improves a person’s overall health. With its ability to provide a moderate-intensity aerobic exercise, going out for a hike can lower your risk of heart disease, improve blood pressure, and lower blood sugar levels.

It burns calories and increases energy level: Hiking regularly can keep body weight under control. And because it is close to nature, the activity also provides the body extra oxygen to fuel muscles, organs and other body tissues, thereby increasing the body’s endurance and energy level.

It is therapeutic: According to WebMD, tramping through the forest can boost the mood, especially when under stress and anxiety. In another study published in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, experts revealed that hiking, as a therapy, can reduce depression and loneliness. In addition, it also inspires the adoption of a more active lifestyle.

Image Source: popsugar.com

Hiking is simple, real, and free. For those who are looking for an outdoorsy activity, it is definitely one of the best sports that you’ll be able to enjoy, probably your whole life.

Thomas Faw is a real estate developer and an avid hiking enthusiast based in North Carolina. Learn more about his adventures by following this Twitter account.


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